System Analysis and Design
Operational effectiveness through documentation and detailed design specifications

the standard of analysis and technical documentation needed to define solutions, ecosystems, and environments


Each organization develops a roadmap to new strategies. As they do they need analysts that can extract objectives and requirements and translate those into solutions. System Analysis and Design is a discipline wherein an analyst performs interviews to understand the overall business strategy and then details how that strategy fits into the existing ecosystem. Documenting the solution to meet the strategy is difficult and requires someone who is trained in system analysis and requirements engineering.

Features and Requirements

As the strategy is built out, key features are developed and depicted via UML Use Case models. These use cases translate to business and functional requirements. Through modeling efforts via Model Driven Architecture, feature writing and Test Driven Development (TDD), the analyst builds out a project plan or sprint backlog.

Test Driven Development

The analyst is communicating with the business and product owners documenting success and acceptance criteria. As features are developed, test cases are established that meet the acceptance criteria and are directly tied to the success of the team. Test Driven Development means the analyst and team knows what to expect before it is built. Tied in with TDD is Behavior Driven Development.

Behavior Driven Development

As the system analyst works with the development team driving out the applications or solutions, they are also describing the behavior of the solution. The Use Cases describe the behavior of the environment and the analyst ensures the delivery of the developed product meets the criteria of the feature.

How Can We Help

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