Strategic Alignment
Aligning enterprise through focused EBPM and SOA initiatives

a plan, method, or series of maneuvers or stratagems for obtaining a specific goal or result


Understanding how strategic goals fit in with EBPM is critical to transforming an organization. Strategy can be abstracted by Level 1 and 2 business process models and demonstrate the strategic objectives. Service Stratum can extract these objectives and create collapsable models of the enterprise and a roadmap for executing on the strategic vision.


With a documented roadmap and EBPM visualization, Service Stratum drafts a tactical assessment that details staffing models, service deliveries and an ongoing support mechanism. The assessment is a detailed Information Architecture guiding the project team to complete the objectives.


With staffing in place, reference architectures, information and business architectures are at the ready and approved, Service Stratum leads the team through the Agile process to start delivering testable and shippable products. Each feature is tracked back to a strategic objective and key metrics are monitored to ensure accurate delivery and timely execution of said business processes.

How Can We Help

Using case studies and previous experience as well as leveraging emerging technologies and solutions, Service Stratum can create a detailed implementation plan with supporting analysis and cost to benefit statistics to realigning. Using EBPM for process reengineering and SOA for solution alignment, Service Stratum will create a package that will modernize your organization and deliver a high functioning team.