Enterprise Solution Assessments
Assessing the value of your enterprise through strategic evaluations

analysis and investigation of environments to determine optimization and efficiency


Strategy is looking at the macro and micro levels of your organization. A clear vision and strategy defines who you are and who you want to be in the future. It also sets expectations for your employees and shareholders for time commitments, resource utilization, capital expenses and future growth. Our assessments provide you with a real world example of where you are in your strategic timeline and provides recommendations on how to improve so you can be more profitable and efficient.


Service Level Agreements, Operational Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators should be at the heart of your IS organization and should drive future enhancements or product changes. Many organizations are efficient but not effective. Many times they can’t quantify a particular service or solution let alone explain why something is brittle or unreliable. Our Operational Effectiveness Evaluations identify what areas of your organization need measuring and how to do it.

Risk Assessments

Risk is common with any organization but the majority of mid to large size companies do not have effective Risk Management Practices. Risk Management Practices include things such as offsite staff mitigation, redundant data and solutions, frontline defense systems and outage mitigation strategies. Our Risk Assessment provides your organization with a breakdown of your risk tiers and what currently is in place to mitigate risk and what needs to be done to minimize catastrophic failure.

Business Continuity Assessments

Business Continuity Assessments define your Information Architecture and human capital strategies. If a catastrophic event occurred or someone attacked your solutions or infrastructure electronically, you need a solid, immediate action plan that is well rehearsed, identifies key capabilities and thwarts and forensics to help identify the culprits or root causes of the attack. Our Business Continuity Assessments identify your risk areas and operating metrics so you understand the risk to make a decision.