Cross Domain Federated Data Integration
SOA Data Federation Realignment Initiative

Using SOA Principles of Service Design and federated service orientation, Service Stratum designed a highly scalable service platform and guide to help several Insurance Providers and their integration partners share data in a secure, reliable way.

Project Characteristics

  • Designed different layers of abstraction from raw data through operational data stores and into reporting layers
  • Federation guidelines and patterns developed to quickly isolate and extend common data structures to speed up service interaction
  • Developed ESB for version tracking and backwards compatibility
  • Trained developers and database administrators
  • Developed a fully redundant and highly available data architecture
  • Built team of administrators to add 24 x 7 x 365 support and maintenance to the environment
  • Established an Architecture Review Board to monitor and provide feedback on development and architectural changes


  • Master Data Management Reference Architecture
  • Federated Data Standards White Papers
  • Cross Domain Development and Design Standards White Paper
  • Architecture Review Board Guidelines
  • Data Flow Models
  • Federated Data Designs
  • UML Data Class Models
  • Executive Presentations