Automated Member Enrollment
6 week assessment to determine how to enroll members from multiple domains and environments

Using the © Service Stratum Methodology we did analysis for several institutions to demonstrate how they could enroll members into their various platforms from multiple, disparate enrollment platforms.

Project Characteristics

  • 6 week assessment to draft a Reference Architecture
  • Multiple cross domain and federated platforms were evaluated
  • Implementation with the Healthcare Exchanges was a requirement
  • Data mining and statistical regression analysis was a requirement
  • Full redundancy and highly available level 1 enterprise solutions was a requirement
  • Receiving any data type or format was a requirement
  • 24 x 7 x 365 support and maintenance

Architectural Artifacts

  • SOA Reference Architecture
  • Cross Domain, Federated Solution and Entrerprise Architecture Frameworks
  • Current State Solution Reference Architecture
  • Future State Cloud Solution Reference Architecture
  • BPM 2.0 APQC Level 3 Process Models
  • UML Use Cases
  • UML Deployment Model
  • Solution Security Reference Architecture
  • EDI Integration and Remediation Workflows