Business Process Engineering
Creating level 1-4 business process models to identify waste and improvement opportunities

analysis and design of workflows and business processes within an organization or across business domains


Enterprise Business Process Engineering focuses on the delivery of the goals and architectural framework to make your products marketable and effective. EBPM focuses on internal processes and use case scenarios related specifically to your consumers, customers, and partners. EBPM also measures the effectiveness and cost of your processes. Implementing a thorough, in-depth EBPM will move your product to market faster and reduce the overall cost of ownership. We define and model your EBPM.

Figure 1: Business Process Model Activities


Figure 2: Business Process Model with Pools


Figure 3: Business Process Model with Triggers


American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC)

AQPC is a methodology and discipline Service Stratum utilizes to help you break down your business process enterprise into logical blocks of business. Using their framework, Service Stratum starts to realign your business and abstract new processes or identify improvements to existing processes. This realingnment is important to solutions architecture and Service Oriented Architecture as well as achieving your strategic goals.

Each soluton and ecosystem in your environment should trace back to a process and goal. If they don't then your organization is not optimized.

Figure 1: PCF Framework


How We Can Help

Service Stratum has expertise in organizational realignment and process reengineering. If you have a major reorganization, we have consultants and partnerships to backfill resources or manage your existing resources. Through a detailed assessment of your organization Service Stratum will develop a roadmap, process reorganization and delivery timeline so your can proceed with project initialization. We tie your processes to your strategic goals and drill into the activities to abstract the solution architecture.