Information Architecture
Organizing information and social environments into a fluid ecosystem

labeling, organizing, structuring and distributing information about an organization


Establishing a logical and understandable hierarchy assists clients and members in understanding your business. Information is everywhere, from unstructured social networks, to highly structured news articles to content management systems. The way you disseminate information throughout your environment and hierarchy will determine how well employees and prospective members or clientele understand your goals and objectives.

One key to this hierarchy is deriving an © Informational Hierarchy Map.

This map demonstrates the layout of information in your organization and how that data is used. Service Stratum has expertise and an understanding of Information Architecture needed to help you achieve your marketing and SEO strategies.


Etymology is understanding where words come from and how they affect the reader. Throughout your ecosystem, words and phrases make an impact. Proper branding, marketing, word placement and content management are critical to effectively communicate your objectives to employees and clients. Service Stratum consults with some of the best linguists in the world. These exclusive consultants underestand how etyomology works and how to employ it to catch the reader.

Informational Strata

Information flows in and out of your company every day. This information, when tied together, makes up the © Informational Strata. This strata is depicted on an architectural framework and links social, structured, forensic, big data and operational data into a comprehensive pictoral.


Reaching as many people as possible is of utmost importance. More than 60% of the population of the world lives outside of the United States and speak other languages. Your information is only as good as those it can reach. Through a unique methodology, Service Stratum can Internationalize your information so it can reach the most people possible.

Creating localized information is complex and requires a good understanding of grammar and dialog but also conversation and idioms. Service Stratum consults with leaders in translation and information development and can help your organization reach ouside the walls of English.