Business Architecture
Designing your strategies and transforming your organization

A blueprint of strategic goals that define what the business is and what it is trying to accomplish


Service Stratum interviews key stakeholders, documents and translates conceptual, 50,000 foot ideas into objective use cases and strategies. Utilizing the © Service Stratum Methodology each concept and strategy is abstracted to the appropriate layer of the organization. As companies move horizontally, these strategies move with them. Using © Federated Strategic Analysis Service Stratum replicates each strategy throughout the organizational stratum and defines Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to evaluate their effectiveness. With federation, there is just one strategy with different implementations and KPIs.

Figure 1: Service Stratum Methodology


Figure 2: TOGAF Phase B Architecture



After the initial objective analysis, Service Stratum details a roadmap and determines the proper methodology(ies) necessary to make the Business Architecture a success. Each roadmap details the transition between one strategy to the next, taking into account horizontal and cross-domain impacts. As each strategy is mapped out into an overall Business Architecture Reference, staffing needs, estimated ROI and cost/benefit is determined. Executive presentations are created and delivered to the appropriate parties for budgetary considerations and approval. Once approved, Service Stratum helps build the implementation team.


As the team gets underway, cost metrics, process improvements, and IT transformations are identified and calculated as part of the overall delivery of the strategy. With this data you have a visualization of the current state versus the future state environment. Precision is key at this stage because the reference architecture is being developed and abstracted to Enterprise Business Processes and Service Orientation. Federated services are identified and other architectural teams are drawn in to assist in the build out of a defining strategic framework.


Service Stratum is in business to help you transform your ecosystem into a modern, simple and functional execution environment. With a well-planned, adaptable and defining strategic framework, you will be in a position to see the results of your well thought out ideas and goals. With the right tools you and your organization will be successful and adaptable in a changing environment.